Self Portrait


The pandemic and its consequences have provoked in Human beings an invincible urge to bare their inner feelings. a perpetual Longing marks our times. We are always in search for something to be answered. The self-portrait highlights my personal experience as an artist, as a lover, as an immigrant who had to be separated from her loved ones for a long time. This video represents the perception of a person who is about to wean herself off the world of her dreams but is still unable to do so. A journey through melancholy and lightness, poised between perceiving and listening to the rhythm of nothingness and the palpable reality that is only a blink of an eye away from us. The pigeons, the trees, the sun. solitude.

Run away! Run away!

This video is a reflection on racism. Questions still need to be asked today. Is the world a world that distributes its resources equally to all human beings? Where does racism originate? Where are the interests of world politics that lead to cases like eric garner?

Since ancient times, many peoples or social groups have tended to close themselves off from others, excluding or discriminating against those who are different, with an attitude that can be defined as xenophobic or ethnocentric rather than racist in the proper sense, due to the lack of an explicit reference to biological superiority: the foundations of their presumed superiority were linguistic, cultural and religious. The Greeks and Romans defined as 'barbarians' peoples who did not speak their language (bar-bar indicated onomatopoeically their incomprehensible babbling); Christian Europe persecuted and ghettoised Jews for centuries, accusing them of killing Christ. A first form of biological racism arose after the discovery of America, to justify the enslavement of deported Indians and Africans: in the 16th century, J. Ginés de Sepúlveda distinguished between men (Spaniards) and homunculi (Indians), similar to man, but in reality inferior and bestial.


the description of Xenophobia and ethnocentrism in ancient and modern times from encyclopedia Treccani

La Tintoretta.

A video created for the 5th Free International Forum of Bolognano. 

The Light.

This video was made in relation to my two paintings titled the window.