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Self Portrait


The pandemic and its consequences have provoked in Human beings an invincible urge to bare their inner feelings. a perpetual Longing marks our times. We are always in search for something to be answered. The self-portrait highlights my personal experience as an artist, as a lover, as an immigrant who had to be separated from her loved ones for a long time. This video represents the perception of a person who is about to wean herself off the world of her dreams but is still unable to do so. A journey through melancholy and lightness, poised between perceiving and listening to the rhythm of nothingness and the palpable reality that is only a blink of an eye away from us. The pigeons, the trees, the sun. solitude.

Scappa, Scappa!

Stop motion

La Tintoretta

n the FIFTH FREE INTERNATIONAL FORUM curated by Lucrezia de Domizio Durini. I shot the video during the creation of my painting made for the history of Tintoretta written by art historian and author Gerard Georges Lemaire. The video was projected during the reading of the text by the author.

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